Name                                      State               Years of Service[1]                   President Making Appointment

Pope, William H.                    New Mexico        1912-1916                          Taft

Neblett, Colin                         New Mexico        1917-1950                          Wilson

Phillips, Orie L.                      New Mexico        1923-1929*                        Harding

Hatch, Carl A.                         New Mexico        1949-1963                          Truman

Rogers, Waldo H.                   New Mexico        1954-1964                          Eisenhower

Payne, H. Vearle                     New Mexico        1963-1983                          Kennedy

Bratton, Howard C.                New Mexico        1964-1987                          Johnson

Mechem, Edwin L.                 New Mexico        1970-1982                          Nixon

Campos, Santiago E.              New Mexico        1978-1992                          Carter

Burciaga, Juan G.                   New Mexico        1979-1994                          Carter

Baldock, Bobby R.                 New Mexico        1983-1986*                        Reagan           

Conway, John E.                     New Mexico        1986-2000                          Reagan           

Parker, James A.                     New Mexico        1987-2003                          Reagan

Hansen, C. LeRoy                   New Mexico        1992-2003                          GHW Bush

Vazquez, Martha A.               New Mexico        1993-Active[2]                      Clinton

Black, Bruce D.                      New Mexico        1995-2012                          Clinton

Johnson, William P.               New Mexico        2001-Active[3]                      GW Bush

Armijo, M. Christina              New Mexico        2001-Active[4]                      GW Bush

Browning, James O.               New Mexico        2003-Active[5]                      GW Bush

Brack, Robert C.                     New Mexico        2003-Active[6]                      GW Bush

Herrera, Judith C.                   New Mexico        2004-Active[7]                      GW Bush

Gonzales, Kenneth J.              New Mexico        2013-Active[8]                      Obama














[1] An asterisk after “Years of Service” represents a subsequent appointment to the United States Court of Appeals.

[2] Active as of June 23, 2015.

[3] Active as of June 23, 2015.

[4] Active as of June 23, 2015.

[5] Active as of June 23, 2015.

[6] Active as of June 23, 2015.

[7] Active as of June 23, 2015.

[8] Active as of June 23, 2015.